Internship and Traineeship Service (ITS)


A result of the project:

Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education


As the number of graduates continue to increase at as fast pace, competition in the job market becomes more and more intense and robust leaving a significant percentage of them unemployed. Graduates are faced with the challenge on how to stand out and of how well their qualifications will match up with the employer’s demand. To further boost the internships and trainings of the students and create more opportunities, the Internship and Traineeship Service (ITS) comes in as a component of the IFSU Career Development Center. ITS serves as a link between the students and potential employers. It will help the students to find a suitable employment or desirable training choice according to their specialization, qualifications, interest and skills. Providing practical experience to the students related to their prospect careers will prepare them to become “work -ready” individuals.


To harness, expand and uplift internship and traineeship opportunities for students in various programs starting with the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) & Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) providing them with holistic experiences that will improve their employability after graduation.


The ITS offers any interested student with a list of companies, businesses and entrepreneurs offering internship and training opportunities. The list is developed based on the curriculum design of each program with detailed specific skills and learning outcomes that each student can gain from their OJT experiences. The goal is to help students find the right training partner that will suit their interest, needed skills and harness their potential for easy employment after graduation.

Call for Participation and Collaboration!

ICDC invites interested students to choose from among the willing partners for their On-The Job Internships or go through any of the knowledge and skill enhancing Trainings to further hone their business skills, competence and confidence.

ICDC also call on any interested entrepreneur, HTE and volunteering partners to join the  center’s programs and activities and help prepare the would be graduates for employment after graduation— a noble corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavor.

For interested students and partners, please visit or contact the IFSU Career Development Center @ ICDC, IFSU Potia Campus, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao or ICDC Satellite Offices in various IFSU Campuses. Mobile Number:  0999.4384619, Email: [email protected]; Facebook Page: ifsucareerdevelopmentcenter; Contact: Ryan Tejada