Office of the Vice President, Research and Development, Extension & Training

The Office of the Vice President for Research, Development, Extension, and Training is currently headed by Dr. Dinah Corazon Matchoc Licyayo.

Dr. Licyayo is an alumna and dedicated to the continuing development of the University and its stakeholders. Her experiences as an educator and administrator gave her a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges of the University.

As the Vice President for Research, Development, Extension, and Training, she believes and champions in steadfast, hard work, integrity in leadership, and the ability to collaborate with others.

Dr. Licyayo is a scholar. She was a research fellow for the Center of Molecular Biosciences, Tropical Biosphere Research Center, University of the Ryukus, Okinawa, Japan. She finished her graduate studies as Monbusho Scholar at Chiba University, Japan. She published 10 in technical, scientific, and professional journals. She also patented two Utility Models.

She is also an accomplished coordinator, lecturer, and resource person to various conferences, workshops, and training courses.

She is an awardee. Dr. Licyayo received the Certificate of Distinction Award for Higher Innovation and Transformation Plan-PhilHECS EDP and Best Dean in 2018.  

She is an administrator. Dr. Licyayo was a former Dean of the College of Agriculture and Home Science; Director for research and development; Director for the Department of Student Services and Development; Director for Training and Communications; Director for Center for Foreign and Japan Studies; and Project-In charge for mushroom production.

She obtained her Diploma in Agricultural Technology, a degree in BS Agribusiness, MS units in Agricultural Education, and PhD in Advanced BioResources Science as a Munbukagakusho scholar in Chiba University.

The following offices and departments were placed under the Vice President for Research and Development, Extension, and Training :

1. Department of Research and Development

2. Department of Extension and Training Services

3. IFSU Eye Center

4. Globally Important Agriculture Heritage Site (GIAHS) Center