Revised Academic Calendar | May-August 2020

  Date                           Activities


May 20           Deadline of submission of class schedule for the third term (June-July) by the University Registrar to the OVPAA

May 21           Campus Academic Council Meeting (online or as appropriate)

May 22           Submission of the list of candidates for graduation by the University Registrar to OP for BOR confirmation

May 25        • Release of approved teaching load for Third Term by the deans                         

                    • Faculty members are required to prepare their scholarly works/IMs for the 3rd term ready for flexible learning

May 28            Academic Council Meeting - online

June                Environment Month

June 4             Start of Semestral Break/ Vacation for those on Teachers Leave Status

June 8             Start of Enrollment for the Third Term (Undergraduate & Graduate Programs)

June 11           Submission of Second Term SY 2019-2020 IMs/scholarly works e-copy to the Dean. Peer review should have been done already.

June 15           • Start of Online Admission for New Students (First years) for First Term SY 2020-2021             

                       • Deadline of submission of Class Schedules for First Term SY 2020-2021 to the OVPAA

June 18            Last day of submission of Third Term IMs/scholarly works with new/updated syllabi of faculty members

June 19           Deadline of submission of faculty needs, First Term SY 2020-2021 by the CEDs to DHRD cc VPAA

June 22           Deadline of requests for Special Subject offering for Third Term 23 Submission of Awardees (candidates for graduation) to the Registrar 

June 24           Deadline of submission of grades, 2nd term 2019-2020 (graduating students)

June 25           Submission of IMs/scholarly works e-copy by the Dean to the Director of Quality Assurance Office for plagiarism   

                        scanning, Second Term SY 2019 2020 subjects

June 26           Deadline of submission of Faculty Clearance (ALL Instructors and professors)

June 28           DQuA updates the Dean and CEDs re plagiarism result of Second Term SWsJIMs of faculty members

June 29         • Start of Third Term classes (undergraduate and graduate)         

                      • Start of Enrolment for New Students (First years) for First Term SY 2020-2021

June 30         • Last day for graduating students to clear their deficiencies           

                      • Submission of clearance for graduation                           

                      • Deadline of submission of grades (non-graduating students), Second Term SY 2019-2020

July                Cordillera and Nutrition Month

July 6             Virtual graduation

July 8             Start of release of credentials to graduates (diploma and OTR) and awardees (medals, certificate of recognition of graduates Go Registrars)

July 15           • Deadline for semi-annual IPCR actual accomplishments (January-June)                 

                      • Release of teaching load for the First Term SY 2020-2021 do Deans

July 17           • Midterm Examination (Third Term)       

                      • Submission of requirements and collection of answered modules from students

July 20           Start of enrollment for Old Students (Higher years) for First Term SY 2020-2021 Schedule do CEDs and Registrars

August           Buwan ng Wika & Guidance Month

August 3         1st working day of faculty members. ALL faculty members report to the university to finalize their scholarly works/Ms for 

                       the First Term SY 2020-2021 (By schedule)

August 7        • Final Examination (Third Term)                           

                      • Submission of requirements and collection of answered modules form students

August 11        • Last day for requesting of Special Subjects for the First Term SY 2020-2021                                                          

                      • Last day of submission of grades for Third Term

August 12        Deadline of submission of scholarly works/IMs with new/updated syllabi for the First Term SY 2020-2021.       

                        Improved SW/IMs will be submitted at the end of the term for approval. 

August 17        First day of classes for SY 2020-2021 (undergraduate) 

August 17-22  • Late Enrollment                   

                       • Enrollment in the Graduate/ Post Graduate Programs 

August 22       First day of classes for SY 2020-2021 (graduate) 

Aug. 27-28     Agency In-house Review for All Completed Researches (c/o CorCAARRD) 

1. Face to face classes will not be allowed for the third term.

2. Entrance examination is suspended for SY 2020-2021. Open admission shall be applied.

3. The high school grades of the students will be the main basis of enrollment. Cut-off scores on grades per program will be properly observed during enrollment. 

Discussed during the online Academic Council meeting held on May 28, 2020. 


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