University Calendar FY 2020

  Date                           Activities


January 1                   New Year's Day

January 3                   •Last day of submission of grades for the First Term

                                   •Submission of Service Unit- OPCR 2019 (Actual Accomplishments) 

                                   •Submission of IPCR semi-annual report (July-December 2019)

January 6                   •Instructors/Professors on vocation leave report

                                   •Distribution of teaching load

January 7-11               Enrollment for Second Term SY 2019-2020

January 8                    •Last day for submission of new/updated syllabi by faculty members

                                    •Deadline of requests for special subject offering

January 10                  Submission of Delivery Unit- OPCR 2019 (Actual Accomplishments)

January 13                  •First day of classes in the Undergraduate Programs

                                    •Last day of submission of First Term grades (graduate programs)

January 11-17              Enrolment in the Graduate Programs

January 15                   Blue Coat Ceremony (Education)

January 18                   First day of classes in the Graduate/Postgraduate Programs

January 26                   Founding Anniversary of the Eye Center

January 31                   Midterm Graduation at the Main Campus (c/o Campus Director)


February 14                 Deadline of submission of faculty workload to the OVPAA

February 17                 Start of College Entrance Exam Application for Freshmen Students and Transferees until June 2020


March 8                       Women's Rights and International Peace Day

March 9                       Women's Day Celebration

March 9-13                  Midterm Examination (Registrar's Office and Campus Directors to prepare the schedule)

March 13                     Deadline for the Submission of 2019 SALN and Updates PDS

March 17-20                GAD Activities (c/o GAD Director)

March 30                     Submission of Class Schedules for the First Term SY 2020-2021


April 1-8                       Evaluation of faculty members by students across campuses

April 13-24                   Evaluation of faculty members by supervisors across campuses

April 20                        Start of Enrolment for the First Term S.Y. 2020-2021 for New Students

April 30                        Submission of the result of faculty evaluation to the OVPAA


May 4-7                        Final Examination for graduating students

May 8                           •Last Day for graduating students to clear their deficiencies

                                     •Academic Council Meeting

May 13                         •Submission of final grades of graduating students

                                     •Submission of list of graduating students as certified by the Deans & DRAS

May 16                         Final examination/completion of all requirements for NSTP-CWTS

May 18-21                    Final Examination for non-graduating students

May 18                         Submission of clearance for graduation

May 19                         Career seminar for graduating students

May 21                         Deadline of submission of the class schedule for the third term (June-July)

May 23                         •Graduation for CWTS

                                     •Final Examination for Graduate School (non-graduating students)

May 25-29                     Commencement Exercises across campuses

                                       (25-Tinoc, 27-Aguinaldo, 29-Lagawe)

May 29                          •Deadline of submission of Faculty Clearance

                                      •Submission of final grades/grading sheets (non-graduating students)

June | Environment Month

June 1-3                       •Continuation of Commencement Exercises

                                     (1-Potia, 2-Hungduan, 3-Lamut)

June 4                          Start of Semestral Break/Vacation for those on Teacher's Leave Status

June 5                          Deadline of requests for Special Subject offering for Third Term

June 8                          Start of Enrolment for First Term SY 2020-2021 for Old Students

June 4-13                     Enrollment for Third Term (Undergraduate & Graduate Programs)

June 11                         Last day of submission of new/updated syllabi of faculty members

June 15                        Start of Third Term (Undergraduate & Graduate Programs)

June 26                        •Tree Planting of Birthday Celebrators for January-June

                                     •Awareness Program for Environment Awareness Campaign

July | Cordillera and Nutrition Month

July 2-3                        Midterm Examination (Third Exam)

July 3                           Deadline of Submission of Class Schedules for First Term SY 2020-2021 to the OVPAA

July 15                         Deadline for semi-annual IPCR actual accomplishments (January-June 2020)

July 17                         Pinning, Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony

July 18                         Cordillera & Nutrition Day at IFSU (c/o SCA Director & CEDs)

July 23-24                    Final Examination (Third Term)

July 30                         Academic Council Meeting

July 31                         •Last day for requesting of Special Subjects for the First Term

                                     •Last day of submission of grades for Third Term

August | Buwan ng Wika & Guidance Month

August 3                       Distribution of Teaching Loads (c/o) Deans

August 10                     Deadline for request for special subjects (from Campus Registrars)

August 13                     •Instructors/Professors on vacation report to the University

                                     •Deadline for submission of new/updated syllabi for the First Term by faculty members

August 17                     First day of classes

August 17-22                •Late Enrollment

                                     •Enrollment in the Graduate/Postgraduate Programs

August 17-18                •Freshmen Welcome Assembly

August 22                     •First day of classes in all Graduate/Postgraduate Programs

                                     •Orientation Day for NSTP (All Campuses)

August 27-28                •Election of Officers

                                     •Agency In-house Review for all Completed Researches (c/o CorCAARRD)

August 28                     Deadline of submission of Faculty Workload to OVPAA

August 31                     Buwan ng Wika & Guidance Celebration (c/o Sentro ng Wika Coordinator & DSSD)

September | Civil Service Month

September 1                •Launching of Civil Service Anniversary Celebration (c/o HRD)

September 1-5             •College Days (c/o Campus Directors)

September 11              •Fire/Earthquake/Disaster drills (All Campuses) c/o DRRM

September 17-18         •Socio-Cultural Festival and Sports Fest (c/o Socio-Cultural Affairs Director, Sports Development Director & Campus Directors)

September 18              •National Seimultaenous Clean-up Drive (Pres. Proc No. 244, s. 1993)

September 18-19         •Journalism Seminar for Students

September 24-26         •Leadership Seminar for Students

October | Indigenous People's Month/Charter Day Celebration & Teachers Month

October 1-2                 •University In-House Review of Research and Extension Proposals for 2021

October 5                    •Celebration of Teacher's Day (c/o Campus Directors)

October 12-13             •Inter-Campus Sports and Cultural Festival activities

October 14-16             •Foundation/Charter Day/Centennial Celebration

October 20-23             •Midterm Examination (Registrars and Campus Directors to prepare the schedule)

October 29                  •IP Culminating Activity (c/o Campus Directors)

November | Filipino Values Month

November 3-11           Evaluation of faculty members by students across campuses (c/o Guidance Office)

November 5-6             Budget & Procurement Planning for 2021

November 12-13         University In-House Writing and Review for Extension and Training Proposals for 2021

November 12-19         Evaluation of Faculty members by Supervisors (c/o Campus Directors, Deans & Program Council)

November 20              Academic Council Meeting

November 23-27        National Book Week

November 25             Beginning of the 18th day campaign to end Violence Against Women & Children (VAWC)

November 27             Tree Planting for Birthday Celebrator for July-December

December | Christmas Season

December 1-4            Preparation and submission of 2021 OPCR and IPCR Targets

December 11             Submission of Request for Special Subjects offering for 2nd Term

December 14-17       Final Examination

December 18            Christmas Program for students across campuses (c/o CEDs)

December 21            Employees' Christmas Party

December 23            Vacation for Instructors/Professors without designation

December 28            Last day for processing of financial claims

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