Our Vision

IFSU for ACE- Academic Centers of Excellence

Our Mission

To provide quality education, research and extension services to bring about educated and morally upright individuals endowed with professional and entrepreneurial skills who will take the lead in enhancing sustainable development towards improved quality of life.

Our Goals
    •  Pursue Excellence in Instruction Services
    •  Pursue Excellence in Research Services
    •  Pursue Excellence in Extension Services
    •  Pursue Excellence in Training Services
    •  Pursue Excellence in Resource Generation
    •  Pursue Excellence in Administration and Management
Performance Pledge

To our valued partners and clienteles, we, the officials and employees of the Ifugao State University, do hereby commit to render to you a kind of service that is characterized by:

       I             Integrity: Character of unblemished and unquestionable integrity        F             Faith: Do things guided by strong faith in God and in each other        S             Service: To serve and not to be served        U             Unity: United in deeds and in action

Strategic Objectives
        • Intensify enhancement in instruction;
        • Broaden access to higher education;
        • Promote student Welfare;
        • Improve student performance in licensure exams and employment;
        • Intensify conduct of research;
        • Increase presentation and publications of research result papers in national and international fora/journals;
        • Generate, package and patent relevant technologies;
        • Improve extension and training services;
        • Intensify conduct of existing extension and training programs and activities;
        • Undertake new extension and training programs focused on technology and sharing applications;
        • Enhance existing income generating projects;
        • Maximize the utilization of assets (lands).

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